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Amelia's Starring Role

A casual observer would notice the grace in her step, and admire the resoluteness in the pose of her head; she seemed to be searching for something, but gave the impression its find would be unexpected. Like a sleepwalker, perhaps, or just a solemn little girl playing hide-and- seek with an imaginary friend.

Soft, shimmering folds of cloth fell in a swirl from her almost too-high Imperial neckline. She was long-limbed but short-waisted and favored this style for its complementary treatment of this imperfection. - erotic story on free sex stories

Her grey eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of herself in the glossy surface of the domed metal corridor, and her pensive look spoke volumes on her self-esteem. Her lips were next to widen as a tall figure moved into view directly behind her.

“Oh, sir, I hadn’t expected to see you…you startled me.” she lilted delicately in a surprisingly mature tone.

“I can see that.” smiled the older, silver-haired man whom she turned to face. “I’d been told you were looking for me, so I decided to shorten your trip. Would you prefer the lounge, or is my office more suited to the matter?”

“The lounge would be alright, I suppose. It’s nothing of any real urgency, but I thought you might like to hear this from me, first; it is my assignment, after all.” she smiled in return.

“Cut! Okay, we’ve been here long enough for tonight, and that’s a wrap for this scene. We’ll pick up at 9 am with the reshoot of scene 2 — that footage doesn’t look as good as it could. Remember, everybody, plenty of sleep and be ready for another full day of shooting tomorrow. We’re doing good and we’re staying on schedule, let’s keep it up!” The director stood as he said this and the crew began breaking up the equipment. The actors gathered belongings, hoping to change in their trailors and have enough time to beat the late traffic; the two on stage allowed their characters to leave them, slowly.
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“Amelia, you’re doing a wonderful job. It’s amazing to me that you’ve never filmed before! Stage actors are rarely this poised when it comes to making movies.”

“Yes, well, it’s new but it’s fun. I’ve been told I’m a natural,” she replied with the nonchalance of someone who’s not sure she’s really been paid a compliment, “but I think it’s just luck: good luck to have my founder- ing ego boosted by some of the best actors in the business.

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