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Girl Scouts

On Saturday, the wife and kids went into town to do some shopping and she said they’d be gone ’till after suppertime, so I was on my own for the whole day! It’s VERY infrequent that I get a day to myself at home, and planned to use the quiet to back up my hard disk and do some general clean-up around the room that the computer is in.

And so it went for about an hour, when I started downloading some GIF pictures. I didn’t recognize the name of some of them, so spent a few moments perusing the pictures of the naked ladies in all their glory, doing what naked ladies do best! Then it occurred to me that I could pull out some video-tapes of some hard-core porn flicks and watch them for awhile, since I was alone. - erotic story on free sex stories

Usually, it’s late at night when all the kids are in bed that I get a chance to see them, and usually the wife gets bored and goes to bed anyway, so I haven’t watched them in a long time, and this seemed like as good a time as any to let my mind wander off into fantasy world. So I found where they were hidden and grabbed a cold beer on the way to the VCR. I put in the tape and got it started, then built a fire in the fireplace, thinking I’d cozy-up on the floor next to it with an Afghan and pillows and watch about 6 hours of fucking on television.

About 10 minutes into the first movie, the doorbell rang. Living in the country, about the only time we get anyone at our door is the church groupies on Saturday afternoons, and they’re usually hard to get rid of, so I decided to leave the movie on with the sound turned up. That should really piss ‘em off.. they’d be so embarrassed, they’d leave in a HURRY!!

So I unlocked the door and began opening it, listening in the background to some loud moaning and groaning, with occasional dialog such as “…FUCK me… OOOOHHHH YEEESSSSSSSS…” etc., etc., etc….

However, to MY embarrassment, it wasn’t the church people after all! It was the mother of one of my daughter’s friends, delivering my wife’s order of Girl Scout cookies! She had her arms full, and since it was in the mid-30′s outside, I asked her to come in and set the cookies down on the table near the front door.
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Needless to say, when she realized what the sounds were that she was hearing, she turned a deep shade of red!

Then she asked what I was watching. I told her about how I turned up the sound to piss off the church groupies that usually came around on Saturday afternoons, and so forth.

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