EPORNER.COM – your source of best converting organic traffic

At you can find very good converting adult content traffic. That means traffic that has come from good organic sources with users that want to be on our website.

We focused on quality of traffic not quantity. We did a good job with SEO and page optimization. That is why we have now very high quality traffic with high visit duration time (average 7min 29sec), high rate of page view per visit (average 8.8), low bounce rate (23%) and high CTRs for your ads.

All our adult traffic come from good organic sources, mostly from search engines as Google (81%), Bing (3,5%), Yahoo (2,1%). A lot of traffic is also from social media like Reddit (8,4%) and others. We do not buy traffic from any low quality sources and we turn off a lot of unprofitable for advertisers geos.

Available adult ad zones

We have available any kind of ad zones, mobile and desktop, with very good rates. Here is example what can we offer you:

Desktop Pop-under

A type of ads that appears behind the browser window of a web site. A pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows – in contrast of pop-up. Here at we can offer you high quality pop-under traffic for your direct links.

Desktop Home Page 300x250px Cube

At our home page, search page and category page you can find only one banner – called Home Page Cube. Because it is only one at page, this ad spot have very good CTR. If you want high quality traffic and hight click ratio – this ad space is for you. See below example of Home Page Cube:

Desktop Sidebar 300x250px Banners

At Video Page you can find sidebar with 3 banners: NTV-A, NTV-B, NTV-C. This ads have also big CTR and are in place, where visitors are spending most of time. If you are looking for adult ads with good CTR, not aggressive, users friendly with good quality organic traffic – this ad space is for you. See below example of sidebar banners:

Desktop Footer 300x250px Banners

At our footer ad zone, we have four 300x250 banners available for you. Footer banner is best option when you are looking high quality adult traffic, a lot o impressions and a little lower CTR for your ads. Footer banners are available at every page, home page, sub-page, search page, category page, video page etc. See below example of footer banners:

Mobile Pop-under

As at our desktop version, we have also mobile version of pop-under – ads open in new tab at mobile device. If you are looking for best mobile advertisements you can consider our mobile pop-under ads.

Mobile Header Banner 300x100px

At our mobile version of we have mobile banners available, size 300x100px just below eporners logo. It is best lace for mobile banner ads. High quality traffic, high CTR and best mobile traffic conversion.

Mobile Footer Banner 300x100px or 300x250px

At eporners mobile page you can find also footer banner. This banner can have two sizes: 300x250px or 300x100px. It is second best place for mobile ads. Good traffic, high CTR, good conversion rates and good price.

Please contact us

Want to talk about ads, ad spaces and traffic, just contact our CRM department:

Jakub Rubinstein
skype: eporner.jakub
twitter: @epornerofficial

# Name Max size Placement
1 Popunder whole screen On websites start
2 Under video 880 x 90px Movie subpage
3 NTV A 300 x 250 Movie subpage, top left
4 NTV B 300 x 250 Movie subpage, top left
5 NTV C 300 x 250 Movie subpage, top left
6 Top Menu Tab button Top in navigation menu
7 Top Menu Tab 2 button Top in navigation menu
8 Footer 1200 x 250 Bottom, above copyright
9 IM set individual Bottom right
10 Home / listing page 300 x 250 Main site on top right
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