10 years of changing Gender meaning

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Awesome says:

    This is horse shit you're either a man or a woman. No one with any sense of dignity or common sense would Entertain This

  2. Sinatra says:

    Yeah this is some horse shit mixed in with some bullshit, it stinks. You are either male, female or in some rare cases a hermaphrodite.

  3. Dylann Roof says:

    The author is kind of retarded. Of course CISmen make up more of the assault numbers, trans is less than 2% of the ENTIRE population. Secondly, CIS or otherwise, men going into the women's restroom is not allowed by any polite society. If I saw a dude go in a women's room and he wasn't bringing his young daughter or something, I'd intervene.

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