Pornstars problems....

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3 Responses

  1. Daffy Scott Gatsby says:

    Amazingly captivating yet equally informative with no fucks given. The necessary; truth. Respect to CLDX journalist team. Especially editors (I need one)!

  2. Ed Bate says:

    Pornstars can go to baseball games, they just can't get on Twitter and say that Padres fans suck for not being at games when the team sucked and now deciding it would be fun to go to a game now that they are fun to watch. Paige Spiranac is not a pornstar or ever been in a porno movie unless I missed something. How many pornstars can read books? 50-58%, maybe a little more these days??? Muslim porn sucks, name one country that's a majority muslim and makes good porn??? Yemen used too I think, in the 80's.

  3. BRKUK says:

    still, Mia Khalifa can not enter the middle east but they are the most consumer of her videos. Lol

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